Condo-Hotel and Resort Conversions

With  over sixty years of operations and F&B experience in both flagged and independent hotels and resorts and ten years in condominium association development and operations we can assist owners in evaluating their property to a highly-lucrative condo-hotel or condo-resort business model. Depending on the price per square foot and unit location, this could add literally millions of dollars to your revenues through the sales of the units.

Not only will it strengthen your revenues through unit sales, it will also greatly increase your nightly room sales as now all of a sudden, you’ve got all your owner-investors recommending your hotel to their friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances as they are wanting to increase their revenues as well. This immediately increases your sales force exponentially and it doesn’t cost you a dime. There is also a monthly maintenance fee charged which guarantees your monthly expenses are paid.

We realize many owners would not consider this option as they do not wish to give up ownership in the property and have to turn it over to an association following the conversion. We at Thrasher Hotels & Resorts don’t feel this is fair either thus have devised a new business model which lets you keep the land and improvements as well as all the common areas and thus, maintain complete ownership control of the property, it’s upkeep, and improvements. This also enables you to continue to dictate how the units are maintained as well as furnished and decorated. If you’re self-managed and ready to enjoy life for change, we’ll even asset manage the property for you releasing you from the daily grind. If you are seeking to sell your property this will make it much more attractive to a potential buyer. Being a professional developer, we may even consider purchasing it ourselves.

Owner Bail-Out

Get in over your head? Tired of the drag of daily operations? Wanting the freedom to actually enjoy the returns your property is producing?

We can help.

With strong experience in independent and Flagged properties alike, we can asset-manage your property to ensure it’s performing at it’s most proficient level and to solidify the on-site management’s ability and willingness to manage your property at it’s peak ability. Monthly fees are property-specific and normally very affordable.

We can also help you re-position your property to enhance it’s occupancies and F&B revenue opportunities.

Give us a call today to discuss. It’s going to be okay.